Serpmarker Metrics

In-house metrics developed by SEO experts in correlation with existing industry leading third-party metric providers.

Serpmarker Scores Formulae

Getting to know about our custom metrics.

Many of you know about the four metrics (authority, performance, strength and effectiveness) displayed in your projects and PDF reports but are unsure what they stand for. This page will provide a thorough explanation of these four metrics as well as others as well. Being a user of Serpmarker, one of our advantage is that we derive alot of valuable third-party data/statistics from industry leaders such as Moz, Majestic, Alexa and SEMRush for the convenience of users to use in their project planning. The Serpmarker team has decided that with advice and collaboration with a few highly-experienced SEO experts, we integrated these third-party data along with a few of our own and created these metrics. These metrics can be used by our users as an alternative with the other metrics from third-party providers in order to help them with their decision making processes. Below are detailed explanation on each metric.

Authority Score (Project)
  • Verifies, calculates and averages the amount of authority of all links/URLs that you have added into a project. The higher the authority, the more well positioned your site(s) are to rank for any keywords in comparison to your competitor(s).
  • Ranges from a minimum 0 to a maximum of 100.
  • This score takes into account Moz's domain authority (DA), page authority (PA) and Majestic's trust flow (TF), citation flow (CF). These four external metrics are calculate together with a few metrics of our own and produces the final authority (AS) score.
Performance Score (Project)
  • Measures the page load performance of your site(s). Used to compare your site's page speed and loading time performances with other sites in the Internet.
  • Ranges from a minimum 0 to a maximum of 100.
  • The performance score (PS) currently takes into account Alexa's speed percentile metrics. Please do not be alarmed if you're getting a 0 score from this metric. We are in the midst of enhancing this metric with integration with the industry's leading Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI).
Strength Score (Project)
  • Measures and calculates the rank performance of all your keywords in the project. The higher amount of ranked keywords you have, the higher the strength score (SS).
  • Ranges from a minimum 0 to a maximum of 100.
  • Example: all 20 keywords in your project are ranked in the top 10, your strength score will be in the range of 80-100 which indicates your project has a strong position in the search engines in comparison to your competitors.
Effectiveness Score (Project)
  • Measures the feasibility of your project in correlation with keyword volume, competitiveness and CPC. The effectiveness score (ES) tells you whether the keywords that you are targeting are actually feasible or rather produces the best volume to money spent ratio.
  • Ranges from a minimum 0 to a maximum of 100.
  • A high score usually means the keywords that you're targeting are of decent volume, CPC and manageable competitiveness. In such cases your money spent on SEO campaign will translate into higher valued traffic in comparison with project's with lower ES.