Affiliate Program

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SERPMarker Affiliate Program

Basically, any registered user can be an affiliate partner with SERPMarker. Follow the steps below to activate your affiliate ID.

  • Signup with SERPMarker.
  • Go to Settings > Affiliates in Client Dashboard.
  • Switch on Affiliate and use your affiliate link provided.
  • Affiliate ID will be stored as cookie in the user's browser for 14 days before it expires.
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Affiliate FAQs

Commission is 25% recurring for life on first subscription only. Meaning you would only get commission for the user's first subscription or upgrade from their first subscription. If the user were to cancel his/her subscription and resubscribe again, you would not receive commission.

Example situation where you get commission

  • User signs up & subscribes with your affiliate link for the first time.
  • Referred user upgrades their current subscription without any cancellation before.

Example situation where you stop getting commission

  • Referred user cancels their subscription but resubscribes a few months later.
  • A non-referred registered user which uses your affiliate link to subscribe.
Your first month is on us! Use the code 'SMKFREETRIAL' for a free first month subscription of Basic or Advance plans. Ready to go long with SerpMarker? Use the code 'SERP20' for 20% off recurring discount on any plans.